Mike Mastroyiannis
Mike MastroyiannisInnovation Management Consultant

Mike Mastroyiannis is Innovation Management Consultant as well as Business & Management Coach. He has served 4X as CEO of Global Business units in Multinationals (Philips Electronics, Siemens), he founded and/or lead 3 technology start-ups and has 3 decades of  leadership experience with at least 3X fast turnarounds. He worked in both B2C and B2B industries (Consumer Electronics, Digital Communications, Energy Efficiency and Digital Lighting Solutions), has created and lead innovative scalable global portfolios, Industry 1st products and systems, he is innovating for the 21st century, simplifying, automating, growing effectively and leveraging the community as well as external assets.

Experience: Leadership and Innovation, Product Strategy and Planning, R&D, Turnaround Management, Business Unit Management, Founding and Leadership of new businesses, Linear to Exponential organizations , Business Model innovation , Lean Innovation, Joint Ventures , Advisory boards (Including the oldest JV in China of Philips for 5 years ). He has 3 university degrees, has lived in 6 countries in Europe and Asia and now lives in Hong Kong.

Peter Tin is Innovation Management Consultant, Earth Friendly Disruptive Technology Entrepreneur, and Business Excellence Lean Six Sigma Practitioner.   Academic trained in the US in Aerospace Engineering (B.Sc), and Systems Reliability & Industrial Management (M.Sc), Peter has served over 25 years in senior leadership roles in high technologies Fortune 500, and Startups in America & Greater China.  Levels of responsibility include CEO, COO, GM, SVP and Sr. Director.

He has experience in B2C, B2B and B2G experience in diversified industries such as Semiconductor Assembly (National Semi), Mass Data Storage Disk Drives (Western Digital), Flash Memory Storage Devices (SanDisk), high speed train and subway vehicles (Bombardier China JV), Consumer Electronics (Philips), LED (Traxon/Osram/Siemens), and IOT Smart Control (Startups).

Transformative Change & Disruptive innovation leadership experience: (1) Disrupted (obsoleted) Kodak moment by Sandisk’s digital photo flash memory media, lived the exponential growth (from startup to billions dollars class) as the company head of Quality & Reliability Head of the company.   (2) From Zero to One, built quality and supply chain established the first Bombardier JV’s train in China.  (3) Exponential 10X revenue and global brand value growth of top tiered Dynamic LED lighting company, Traxon Osram in Hong Kong. Peter always enjoys the process of innovation management and business transformation.    He believes passionate people and purposeful team work are key success factors in all human endeavors.

Peter Tin
Peter TinInnovation Management Consultant

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