Business Transformation and Modelling. From Improved Customer Experience to Effective Organizations

All Business Models run out of speed at a certain company development stage or when being disrupted from another business model and this trend is accelerating in the 21st century. In the past 50 years, the average business model lifespan has fallen from about 15 years to less than 5. Business model innovation is thus no longer one of many ways to gain a competitive edge,but it is a necessary core capability to respond to—and capitalize on—a changing world.

– The economy is connected, shared and on demand

– Consumers are becoming powerful

– Technologies are growing exponentially with multiplication effects

– Digital Customer Experience becoming the norm

– Data mining and corresponding insights are transforming the way we take decisions and we do business

– 10x better/faster/cheaper/…….   or more is becoming the new competition threshold

– Crowd and Communities are determining the success of many businesses

–  …….


We are Business Transformation Consultants, Create Great Customer Experiences, Efficient Organizations and Business Model Innovation(s)

We design or adapt business models and ensure that deliver results.