Exponential Disruptive Innovation. How To Run Your Company Like A Lean Start-Up

Disruptive Innovation Consulting, Exponential Disruptive Innovation, Exponential Innovation

Understanding the new world in the 21st century

Innovation processes over the last 30 years.  What is changing fast now?  Implications of:

  • Exponential Tech
  • Urbanization
  • Ubiquitous Connectivity
  • Digital Healthcare

Digital Disruption is Better, Stronger and Faster

Transforming your business

  • How to prevent being disrupted?
  • What do you need to change?
  • Options for the new innovation set up
  • Impacts on the company/functions
  • A solution, e.g New Business Model to suit your company

Supporting your transformed business

  • Ideation/New Concepts/Portfolio generation
  • Team effectiveness, trust, productivity, results
  • Transformation execution
  • Global Roll out/Portfolio management