Transformational Leadership and Transformations with “Business Dynamics”


Imagine you are the CEO of a company or a General Manager or Vice President or Senior Director or Director or ……  of a division or a department of a company where you want or need to:


  • Deliver more with the same or less resources


  • Address dysfunctional TEAM or TEAMs with many blocking factors


  • Motivate TEAMs to be creative and deliver better results


  • Ensure success after a major change in your organization where the new Management TEAM or a TEAM needs to deliver what has been planned


  • Improve drastically the productivity of a good Team


  • Prepare a TEAM for a very challenging assignment


  • Identify and generate ideas for business development or transformation which are sustainable, scalable and attractive to create success


  • Innovate as your core business is disrupted



If you resonate with any of them then you are at the right address.

What would you do?  The answer is not one.  There are many solutions and different leaders will do different things.

I have been CEO or Managing director or GM for more than 20 years and all of the above challenges have occurred many times. The solutions are ranging from downsizing, to process improvements, to relocation, to team building, to replace people, to add new people, to acquire companies, to partner with new companies, to set-up a separate organization for innovation, apply anticipatory planning,….


Evaluating the past I realized that during and especially after transformations I did not utilize enough the power of the individual and the power of the TEAM(s).  I organized a lot of team buildings based on experiential learning and I should have followed up and used the findings structurally and in depth. Many leaders are absorbed from the day to day challenges and forget the bigger picture and the continuous attention and leverage of Individual and Team(s) competences.


Transformational leadership is essential for addressing any organizational challenge and it is not only about having a great vision and being inspirational. It is much more and it relates a lot how you inspire and mobilize your Team(s) to embrace the vision and execute together. The top 3 characteristics of Transformational Leadership are:


  1. Connect with your feelings and with others
  2. Be curious and open minded
  3. Be inspiring through telling relevant stories


So the Question is how do you address effectively all of the above challenges and how do you use transformational leadership?

The most of the people on planet earth learn in school and in work environments to improve their weaknesses in order to succeed in life. In this way by focusing on weaknesses they weaken their strengths! The same applies to a TEAM of people that instead of the individuals to focus on their strengths they are asked to do tasks related to their weaknesses. What do you think is the impact of such practices in the Personal and Team Productivity?


“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses” and Increase Trust, Flow, Productivity and Results.


The word Trust is related to Value delivery. The more you or a company delivers consistently Value (something that customers pay for) the more is trusted. Consequently Trust is a measure of Value.

What about Flow?  The most of us if not all have felt moments or periods of our working lives that we have experienced similar states like Flow where we enjoyed what we did, the time was going faster than normal and we produced excellent results.


So how can transformational leadership be applied to address organizational or business challenges?


Based on learnings from failures and successes of multibillion businesses transformations or TEAM workshops which I participated or lead, I have concluded the following steps to be effective:


1.Having an inspiring Purpose/Mission


2.Ensure people in the Team know their strengths and best roles in life.


3.Ensure people understand well others in the team.


Everything starts with knowing yourself and others.


4.Ensure people understand the basics of Team Flow


5.Identify and address any blocks.


6.Enable people to participate in Team building exercises and learn to create Flow with experiential learning games


7.Ensure people understand each other’s challenges or successes by being curious, open minded and sharing stories/examples to explain           their challenges & successes as well as learn from each other.


8.Understand well the shared vision, objectives/goals and work together in multifunctional teams to create a strategy and action plan to            deliver the results.



The above starts with 1 or 2 day workshops and the spirit has to be kept alive with the right processes in place and repeat annually.


“Business Dynamics” is the methodology/system explained above that ensures Transformational Leadership is understood and implemented consistently across the organization


Can you imagine if you could create Flow in the work place with “Business Dynamics”?

 The productivity and results will skyrocket!



If Interested to apply in your Team or Company please contact me at mike@passionatespotoflife


Thank you very much.

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Mike Mastroyiannis is Business, Management & Executive Coach and Management Consultant for among others Exponentially Disruptive Innovations. He has served as CEO of business units in Multinationals, founded or lead start-ups and serves in advisory boards. He can be reached through LinkedIn or email